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Stained Glass [18/?]

Title: Stained Glass [18/?]
Author: lotusk
Rating: PG-13
Pairings: Jongin/Kyungsoo, Minseok/Luhan, Tao/Kris
Length: 5.9k words
Summary: The tattoos that mark Jongin's skin help him to keep the world at a distance and he's perfectly fine with that until he hears Kyungsoo sing. Finally, Jongin has found someone he's curious about - someone he doesn't want to keep at a distance.
Warnings: tattoos and piercings, mild language
Notes: Based on a prompt by aniekwon.

Chapter 18: Precipitando

A Tale of Two Jackets (and One Avocado)

Title: A Tale of Two Jackets (and One Avocado)
Pairing: Jungkook/Taehyung (side jimin/hoseok)
Genre: meet-cute, fluff, humor
Rating: PG
Warnings: language, references to alchohol use, failed attempts at humor
Word Count: 6.8k
Summary: Jungkook finds an avocado in his jacket pocket and isn't sure what to think

Dude, you took my jacket by mistake at Club ZuZu

We’ve got the same Hawk & Co bomber jacket. It appears that you accidentally took mine from the couch of Club ZuZu last night, and left yours behind. Mine had my keys, which I clearly need. Yours had an avocado in the pocket, which I’m assuming is equally important. Please contact me asap to arrange for exchange of said items.


Author: lotusk
Title: Earthgrazers
Word Count: ~23.7k words
Side Pairing(s): Sehun/Jongin
Rating: NC-17
Warning(s): [click to open] brief mentions of moderate alcohol and nicotine use, stranger nudity, dicks, there’s talk about dicks, hand jobs, blow jobs, frottage, logic is an elastic thing because this is a magical realism au, passing references to a possible brain tumor (but there’s no tragedy here dw)
Summary: Magical realism!AU. Romance novelist Park Chanyeol is having the worst writer’s block of his career. Frustrated, he tries writing on an old typewriter and for the first time in weeks, the words start to flow. The next morning, he wakes up to a naked stranger spooning him--a stranger who just happens to be the main character from his novel.
Author's Note: Ruby Sparks!AU originally written for BAE

It’s Chanyeol’s morning wood that wakes him. To begin with, anyway. Groaning, he buries his face into his pillow to hide from the slivers of sunlight that have snuck their way around the blackout curtains. He doesn’t want to get up. Not yet. Why do human beings even have to pee, for fuck’s sake. So unnecessary. Sleeping is necessary. Peeing is unnecessary and should be banned. Feeling very grumpy and put upon, Chanyeol curses his bladder and whoever had decided it was a brilliant idea for human beings to be saddled with the damn things.

It takes him a few moments but Chanyeol finally begins to notice just how warm it is under the covers even though the AC is turned up high. With a growing sense of panic, he realizes that there’s a slim arm wrapped snugly around his chest and a thigh pressing against his own. A very warm and very naked male thigh that’s pressed against his own equally warm, equally naked male thigh.


Pairing: Jongin/Joonmyun
Rating: NC-17
Genre: smut, fluff, canon, romance
Length: ~4.9k
Summary: Jongin and Joonmyun meet up in Honolulu after being apart for three days.
A/N: For my most precious mija, tiny_estrella. The sixth and final instalment in the Masked series of one shots.

Falling into his embrace and breathing in his warm, seductive scent, Joonmyun sighed against the delicious curve of Jongin’s neck. “You're home.”

Just Kiss the Boy

Title:Just Kiss The Boy
Pairing(s): Chanyeol / Jongin (featuring YOI side pairings viktuuri & otayuri)
Rating: PG-13
Warning excessive amounts of fluff and cheese, mild pining, chankai (well chanyeol, anyway) are oblivious, foul-tempered waiter Yurio, ninja otayuri and not-so-ninja viktuuri, the occasional f-bomb, (seriously) lame attempts at humor, boys making out
Length: 8,323 words
Summary: Roommates!AU. Chanyeol hates exercise of any kind. In fact, he hates moving, period. Yet his crush somehow manages to convince him that hiking up a mountain at the ass crack of dawn is a good idea. Throw in some characters from Yuri!!! On Ice and it's way too much excitement for Chanyeol to deal with on a Sunday morning.
Author's note: written for caterplina in the yeolliepopday exchange

It’s not like Chanyeol’s never seen Jongin without his shirt on. They’ve been sharing an apartment for almost a year, after all. But today, the circumstances are different and all of a sudden, it’s six thousand times harder for Chanyeol to breathe.

The Story of Us

Author: lotusk
Title: The Story Of Us
Pairing: Jongin / Chanyeol (mentioned side Sechen)
Rating: PG-13
Length: 10, 760 words
Warnings: age gap, mutual pining, and all the clichés
Summary: Coffee shop!au. Songwriter Chanyeol has a crush on the much younger part-time barista who works in the cafe across the road from his apartment.
Author's Note: This was originally written for the kaifectionery fest. The lyrics that appear in the final scene of the fic are “borrowed” from Amy Ray’s Lung of Love

All around him, cherry blossoms are spiraling down in a slow, graceful dance.

the art of war

author: lotusk, lotusk on AO3 and AFF
Title: the art of war
rating: pg (for mild language)
length: 2,505 words
summary: kyungsoo has always had a competitive streak but the tall boy with the silver hair brings everything to a whole other level.
warnings: bodies flying through the air? and Kyungsoo dislikes tall people on principle
notes: My love and thanks to carpesoo for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful project! This fic is a gift to you and I hope you’ll like it at least a little ❤ A victorious fistbump to my collab partner, waffletopkai for creating the truly precious fan art that inspired this fic!

The stranger always manages to cross the road just before the light turns red, while Kyungsoo has to stand there, trapped, watching as the young man’s jean-clad legs take him and his artfully tousled silver hair further and further away.

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