tangled words (lotusk) wrote,
tangled words


Pairing: kaisoo (with side chanhun)
Length: ~16k
Genre: bakery!au, fluff, romance & a pinch of magic
Rating: PG13
Warning: one brief mention of nudity involving OCs
Summary: Kyungsoo is the cranky pâtisserie owner who refuses to eat sweet things and Jongin is the “gifted” pâtissier who’s determined to change his mind. Vibrant waiter Chanyeol is infatuated with tsundere assistant pâtissier Sehun. Vaguely inspired by the manga/anime Antique Bakery.
A/N</b>: Written as part of the Kaisoo Valentine's Project but this has two additional scenes. Many thanks to Jenni, Addie, Ansa, Ren, Shanti & Bunny for giving me the push I needed to add another 4k of story. Love you guys! Originally posted as a 12k fic on KVP but this is 4k longer with two new scenes.

Kyungsoo pulled the door open and a gust of winter chill blasted into the store, tiny flurries of lacy white flakes pirouetting and floating around the stranger in a graceful ballet that was almost magical.
Tags: !fanfic, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: romance, length: oneshot, member: chanyeol, member: kai, member: kyungsoo, member: lay, member: sehun, pairing: kai/kyungsoo, pairing: sehun/chanyeol, rating: pg-13
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