tangled words (lotusk) wrote,
tangled words

Shape of My Heart

Title: Shape of My Heart
Author: lotusk
Betas: daestruct, exollent
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Jongin / Kyungsoo
Length: 40k
Summary: Jongin is an assassin who leads a quiet, isolated life until his terrified neighbor Kyungsoo forces his way into his apartment and into his desolate heart.
Genre: Romance, mild angst, action
Warnings: [spoiler]guns, mild violence, blood, bullet wounds, murder (mentioned), outdoor sex, minor character death, language, kidnapping

Notes: Written as part of the Exordium Challenge 2015. This fic is inspired by Luc Besson’s Léon: The Professional and the title is derived from the movie's theme song, Shape of My Heart.

He'd usually be sitting on a perch, looking bored, jaded and done with life. More often than not, he'd have a smoldering cigarette between his fingers and translucent mauve shadows beneath his large, moody eyes. Electric red hair with a brutal black undercut. Black helix piercings along his cartilage and seething tattoos on his pale forearms—
Tags: fandom: exo, genre: action, genre: angst, genre: hurt/comfort, genre: smut, length: oneshot, pairing: kai/kyungsoo, public sex, rating: nc-17, with: shinee
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