tangled words (lotusk) wrote,
tangled words


Title: Distraction
Pairing: Luhan/Minseok
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 5,253 words
Summary: Injured shapeshifter Luhan is desperately seeking a distraction, and he finds it in the form of Dr. Kim Minseok.
Warnings: brief reference to injury and mild violence, sexual innuendos, language, werepanthers, tattoos
Author's note: Originally written for the deerofdawn exchange.

Luhan was trying really hard to focus on the man’s eyes because eye contact was important, and he did have really attractive, almond-shaped eyes that burned with intelligence. He was trying anyway, but the man kept talking, and every time he spoke, Luhan’s attention was drawn to his mouth. His extremely pink, extremely luscious, extremely devastating mouth. It was killing him. And it kept. . .MOVING.
Tags: !fanfic, genre: fluff, genre: humor, genre: romance, genre: supernatural, length: oneshot, pairing: xiu min/luhan, rating: pg-13, xiuhan
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