tangled words (lotusk) wrote,
tangled words

sweet cinnamon kisses (no, not really)

Title: sweet cinnamon kisses (no, not really)
Pairing: Jongin / Chanyeol
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff, slice of life, college!au, tutor!chanyeol, romance
Length: 1546 words
Summary: jongin has a crush on his math tutor chanyeol
A/N: Please turn back if you don’t do fluff because this is ridiculously cheesy. I really did not have the time to write this? But I miss chankai and did it anyway. Originally supposed to be like a 300 word ficlet but my brain never listens to me ugh. I could only spare like 4-5 hours to work on this so the writing style is a little different from my usual. I hope it worked out okay,anyway.

This isn't the first time Chanyeol's touched him. Just brief, accidental touches. Like when he's teaching Jongin how to solve a mathematical problem and their fingers brush or their shoulders collide. Like when Chanyeol gives him a goodbye pat on the shoulder at the end of each tutoring session, or when Chanyeol gives him a hello pat on the shoulder when they run into each other on campus. Brief, accidental touches, yes. But Chanyeol’s never held on to Jongin this long.
Tags: !fanfic, college!au, genre: fluff, genre: romance, length: oneshot, pairing: kai/chanyeol, rating: pg
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