tangled words (lotusk) wrote,
tangled words

How To Catch An Angel (5/7)

Title: How To Catch An Angel (5/7)
Author: lotusk
Rating: NC-17
Pairings: Jongin/Kyungsoo, Side Sehun/Chanyeol, Side Luhan/Minseok
Length: 4.2k words
Summary: Kyungsoo aims his arrow at a demon and shoots down a golden-winged angel instead. Urban fantasy!AU, soulmates!AU
Warnings: mild violence, gods, demons, language
Notes: Written for the_EXORDIUM 2016

Sehun didn’t feel like he was dying. Not exactly.
Tags: !fanfic, genre: action, genre: romance, genre: supernatural, length: chaptered, pairing: d.o./kai, pairing: sehun/chanyeol, pairing: xiu min/luhan, rating: nc-17, red velvet irene, with: f(x)
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