tangled words (lotusk) wrote,
tangled words

the art of war

author: lotusk, lotusk on AO3 and AFF
Title: the art of war
rating: pg (for mild language)
length: 2,505 words
summary: kyungsoo has always had a competitive streak but the tall boy with the silver hair brings everything to a whole other level.
warnings: bodies flying through the air? and Kyungsoo dislikes tall people on principle
notes: My love and thanks to carpesoo for inviting me to be a part of this wonderful project! This fic is a gift to you and I hope you’ll like it at least a little ❤ A victorious fistbump to my collab partner, waffletopkai for creating the truly precious fan art that inspired this fic!

The stranger always manages to cross the road just before the light turns red, while Kyungsoo has to stand there, trapped, watching as the young man’s jean-clad legs take him and his artfully tousled silver hair further and further away.
Tags: genre: fluff, genre: humor, length: oneshot, rating: pg, sesoo
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