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Master List (updated Feb 2018)


(fics listed according to pairings)


fireflies au
back to you, 48.3k, nc-17, Jongin confesses to his best friend in a field full of fireflies
sweater weather, 1.8k, nc-17, There are holes in Suho's sweater and Jongin likes them
eskimo kisses, 1.1k, g, when little jongin gets lost, only suho hyung can make things better
for better or worse pt.1, 2k, pg-13 (pt.2 will be r/nc-17 idk)
just pretend, 1.2k, pg-13, jongin's heart is breaking
so much for dinner, 612w, r, a sukai domestic drabble that starts off fluffy and ends up slightly smutty?

masked au
masked, 2.5k, nc-17, when Joonmyun shows up for dance practice in a black face mask, it's all a little too much for Jongin
surprised, 1.1k, nc-17, Jongin returns to a sleeping Joonmyun and a surprise
flipped, 2.2k, nc-17, Jongin and Joonmyun go out for ice-cream
can’t hardly wait, 2.9k, nc-17, canon fic where Jongin can't resist messing Joonmyun up in a crowded airport
unexpected, 2.6k, nc-17, Jongin goes home for Christmas but all he can think of is Joonmyun
reunited, 4.9k, nc-17, Jongin and Joonmyun meet up in Honolulu after being apart for days

almost like breathing, 12.6k, nc-17, Joonmyun's got his life all mapped out. Work first, relationships much later. That is, he thinks he's got it all figured out until single dad Jongin and his son Baekhyun move into the apartment next door
the closer you get, the harder i fall, 8.5k, pg, Joonmyun’s had a dead-end crush on his best friend’s older brother Jongin for years. Things get complicated when they end up as roommates
the truth about dogs (erf 2014), 9.6k, pg-13, a handsome young man lets himself out of Jongin's house, pets his dog, greets Jongin by name and casually drives off. The problem is, Jongin's never laid eyes on him
bold and young (cuddlybros 2015), 13.1k, nc-17, Joonmyun is a quiet, unassuming piano teacher who has a one night stand with a tattooed, pink haired boy he meets at a club
who says boys can’t knit, 848w, g, Joonmyun decides he wants to learn how to knit and a boy in the bookshop offers to help
too pink to handle, 2.6k, nc-17, canon fic where Jongin can’t keep his hands off Joonmyun on national television. Also Jongin’s lips and hair are too pink for Joonmyun to deal with
the delinquent, 5k, pg-13, Joonmyun is a delinquent with a thing for his shy neighbor, Jongin, who plays the violin like an ange
second chances (forjongin 2014), 10.9k, nc-17, Jongin is at a club when he bumps into a his first love, and he just happens to be the bartender.
heart vacancy (cat hybrid fic), 35k, nc-17
when love steals in (fem!Joonmyun, NabiSonyeo 2014), 13.6k, r, when Jongin's shy, older roommate Joonmyun asks him to set her up on blind dates, he realizes that he wants to be the only guy she dates
warm me up, 1.2k, nc-17, Junmyeon does the ice bucket challenge and Jongin warms him up
shades of pale, 3.4k, nc-17, Joonmyun is the rich customer from hell and Jongin is the patient waiter who never loses his cool
peace of mind (suholiday 2013), 10.8k, r, college!au fic where Joonmyun falls hopelessly for his best friend Jongdae's straight housemate Jongin, and has a penchant for overstaying his welcome as a result


shape of my heart (exordium 2015), 40k, nc-17, Jongin is an assassin who leads a quiet, isolated life until his terrified neighbor Kyungsoo forces his way into his apartment and into his desolate heart
sugar (kaisoo valentine project 2015), 17k, pg-13, Kyungsoo is the cranky pâtisserie owner who refuses to eat sweet things and Jongin is the “gifted” pâtissier who’s determined to change his mind.
anger management, 10.5k (ongoing), pg-13, cranky Kyungsoo and loner Jongin are strangers forced to work together on a project. Chanyeol has a crush on a boy who works at the music store. Sehun is failing Math and Luhan is his very reluctant tutor
in bloom, 67k, pg-13, shy florist Jongin falls in love with pragmatic accountant Kyungsoo

how to catch an angel au
not your usual angels, 495w, pg-13, Jongin's just an angel with a bunch of snarky friends, looking not looking for his soulmate
demonhunters, 499w, pg-13, Kyungsoo and his friends just want to shoot down some demons
not quite a demon, 500w, pg-13, Kyungsoo aims his arrow at a demon and shoots an angel instead
marked by wind and fire, 500w, pg-13, chanhun, When Sehun walks into a weapon mage shop, he never expects to find his soulmate there
how to catch an angel (exordium 2016), 26k (ongoing), nc-17, Kyungsoo aims his arrow at a demon and shoots down a golden-winged angel instead.

stained glass au
stained glass, 68k (ongoing), pg-13, The tattoos that mark Jongin's skin help him to keep the world at a distance and he's perfectly fine with that until he hears Kyungsoo sing
stained glass: fixed you, 5k, nc-17, Kyungsoo discovers that the tattoos on his skin aren't the only scars Jongin carries with him when he stays the night

made of stars au
made of stars, 6.2k, pg-13, Kyungsoo sees a handsome stranger on the train with silver and gold sequined stars on his shoes
there’s always time for patbingsu, 1.7k, pg, Kyungsoo is so stressed over deadlines he's about to get a stomach ulcer and Jongin insists patbingsu is the cure
everything changes (kaisoo are a side pairing in a sebaek fic), 14.6k, pg-13, Sehun and Baekhyun have been best friends forever, but things start changing between them when Sehun moves into Baekhyun's apartment

the language of flowers (kaisooficrec project 2016), 4.8k, pg, Jongin owns a flower shop and one evening, a man storms in, slams some money on the table and says, “How do I passive-aggressively say fuck you in flower?”
bucket lists and blind dates, 2.8k, pg, mpreg, Kyungsoo is nervous enough about going on a blind date, but when his date turns out to be pregnant, he really doesn’t know what to do
tug, 13.4k, r, Kyungsoo just wants to tug on Jongin's braids
lay your hands on me, 6.2k, nc-17, CEO!Kyungsoo just wants to relax when he goes for his weekly massage but masseur!Jongin's massages are anything but relaxing
188 paper stars (fem!kyungsoo, NabiSonyeo 2014 exchange), 6.2k, pg-13, high school!au where Jongin is maybe-somewhat-slightly more than a little in love with his best friend Kyungsoo
how do you like your ramen?, 2.7k, g, in which Jongin is a ramen chef and Kyungsoo is the picky customer who won't eat anyone's ramen but his
concentric circles (kaisoommer 2014 exchange), 5.6k, nc-17, Jongin and Kyungsoo broke up months ago but the ties that bind are so strong it's hard to let go
a pocketful of stardust (kaisoommer 2014 exchange), 8.2k, pg-13, Jongin enters the Faerie Realm in search of a fallen star and finds cranky, potty-mouthed Kyungsoo instead
i wanna be yours (kittyexo12 exchange), 14.5k, nc-17, cat hybrid Jongin wants to be so much more than a pet to his master Kyungsoo
read to me (kaisoo project 2014), 14k, r, college student Kyungsoo gets mugged and loner Jongin is the reluctant rescuer who brings him home to treat his wounds.
crush, 1.8k, g, quiet Jongin has a crush on perfect Kyungsoo, his co-worker at the dog shelter
breathe, 2.6k, nc-17, Kyungsoo can't sleep and his boyfriend Jongin is just a phone call away
in plain sight, 1.1k, pg, Kyungsoo is trying to get over Jongdae, and his best friend Jongin tries to help


boy with a pearl earring (ateliers project 2016), 2.6k, pg-13, Jongin spends a bit too much time thinking about the boy with a pearl earring
wednesdays are not zen days (kabedon exchange), 3.1k, pg, college librarian Sehun keeps dropping the books he's supposed to be shelving. Jongin has an essay due and he needs Sehun TO STOP
soul of the rose (ateliers project 2015), pg, 3.2k, Jongin is trapped in his house and garden with no one for company but his middle-aged parents. His life is an endless stretch of monotony until he meets Sehun, the new milk boy
almost perfect crush, 946w, pg, Jongin shows Sehun the right way to apply lipstick
slices of summer, 940w, nc-17, Sehun and his boyfriend Jongin try to beat the summer heat
lost and found, 4.2k, pg-13, best friends Jongin and Sehun have seen each other through their first crush, first date, first kiss, first broken heart. But for one of them, being best friends isn't quite enough


be the one tonight, 9.4k (ongoing), nc-17, college!AU. Jongin doesn't do relationships but shy, quiet Chanyeol can't help catching feels anyway.
just kiss the boy, (yeolliepop 2016), 8.3k, pg-13, Roommates!AU. Chanyeol hates exercise but his crush somehow manages to convince him that hiking up a mountain at the ass crack of dawn is a good idea
the story of us (kaifectionery 2016), 10.8k, pg, coffee shop!AU. Songwriter Chanyeol has a crush on the part-time barista who works in the café across the road from his apartment
together in electric dreams (puppiesinlove 2016), 14.6k, nc-17, Robotics Professor Dr Park Chanyeol has no idea what’s in store for him when he rescues a broken android from a roadside dumpster
sweet cinnamon kisses (no, not really), 1.6k, pg-13, Jongin has a crush on his Math tutor Chanyeol
i'll be quiet, 4.3k, nc-17, Mama powers au where Jongin just wants to finish his book but his boyfriend Chanyeol has other plans for him
all kinds of perfect, 3k, pg, shy barista Jongin has a crush on his customer, Chanyeol. And then there's his "pen pal" in the next apartment building
diametric opposites, 875w, pg, Jongin doesn't understand fluid mechanics and his boyfriend Chanyeol isn't much help
tug (on my heartstrings), 5.6kw, pg, Jongin doesn’t do dates or the falling in love thing. Or at least he doesn’t until the new takeaway delivery guy Chanyeol makes him want to
i'm sorry, 2.6k, nc-17, Chanyeol and Jongin have been together for years. But sometimes all it takes is one thing to end it all.

paralians au
the sea-dwellers, (exoficpalette 2015), pg-13, 17.4k, Jongin is a glass blower in 2015 and Chanyeol is a writer in 2013. With the help of a very special, magical mailbox, they write letters to each other and fall in love
the red mailbox, 3.3k, pg-13, Chanyeol writes letters to Jongin every day, but today's letter is extra special because Jongin finds it in the magical red mailbox that started it all
chocolate stains on my heart, 2.8k, pg-13, Chanyeol tries to tempt Jongin with a Hershey's bar

distraction (deerofdawn 2015), 5.2k, pg-13, injured shapeshifter Luhan is desperately seeking a distraction, and he finds it in the form of Dr. Kim Minseok
emotions, 1.1k, g, Minseok is just someone from another planet trying to live a QUIET and SOLITARY life, but his annoying next door neighbor won't let him
cafe story, 5.6k, pg-13, Luhan likes his routine and he likes getting his way. He likes having his coffee in at the same table every day, and he gets it, until a stranger takes his table and refuses to budge. Luhan loses more than his temper when he butts heads with Xiumin

something like a storm (chenpionships 2015), 5.4k, pg, a pizza delivery boy shows up at Jongin’s front door, claiming he’s here to sleep with him
the letter j, 2.5k, nc-17, Jongin hates Jongdae. Like a lot
not so sweet tooth, 800w, g, Jongin buys a hella lot of strawberry Pocky and Jongdae is dying to find out why

snowstorm, 2k, pg-13, Sehun is just trying to enjoy the snowstorm but his annoying boyfriend Luhan has other plans
anger management, 10.5k (ongoing), pg-13, cranky Kyungsoo and loner Jongin are strangers forced to work together on a project. Chanyeol has a crush on a boy who works at the music store. Sehun is failing Math and Luhan is his very reluctant tutor

assorted pairings

suchen, not even boyfriends, 4k, pg, Not quite fake dating au where Jongdae bumps into his ex and Joonmyun decides to be his knight in not-so-shining armor
kriskai, only you can make me feel this way, 1.9k, nc-17, Jongin and Yifan can't agree on who is more impatient
chanhun, room with a view (with deepest apologies to e.m. forster), 2.2k, nc-17, chanyeol and his boyfriend sehun have a literature kink
kaixing, belonging, 1.8k, pg, Yixing finds out the real meaning of home
taohun, colorblind, 819w, g, Sehun lives a monochromatic life until his new neighbor Zitao adds much needed color to it
suyeol, the perfect neighbor, 4.6k, pg, Junmyeon gets stood up by best friends Jongin and Kyungsoo and their next-door neighbor Chanyeol comes to his rescue
chanbaek, anger management, 10.5k (ongoing), pg-13, cranky Kyungsoo and loner Jongin are strangers forced to work together on a project. Chanyeol has a crush on a boy who works at the music store. Sehun is failing Math and Luhan is his very reluctant tutor
chanbaek, earthgrazers (BAE 2017), 23.7k, nc-17, romance novelist chanyeol wakes up in the arms of a naked stranger--a naked stranger who happens to be the main protagonist of his novel
sebaek, everything changes (kaisoo are a side pairing in a sebaek fic), 14.6k, pg-13, Sehun and Baekhyun have been best friends forever, but things start changing between them when Sehun moves into Baekhyun's apartment


taekook, a tale of two jackets and an avocado, pg, Jungkook finds an avocado in his jacket pocket and isn't sure what to think
yoonjin, home is just a room full of my safest sounds (alpaca jin love exchange 2016), 10.4k, pg-13, jin has always been yoongi's home
yoonmin, butterfly (btsx valentine exchange 2016), 9.1k, pg-13, when you get that 3am call and nothing is ever the same again
vmon, optimum state, 1.9k, pg-13, Namjoon finds an intruder on his balcony who may or may not be trying to kill him


jjp, seven minutes of heaven (magne7ic 2016), 2.8k, pg-13, best friends Jaebum and Jinyoung have to spend seven minutes alone in a tent. No big deal, right?
jackbam, pink haze, 2.3k, pg, Jackson backhugs his best friend at a JJP concert; except that the person in his arms isn't his best friend


kurotsuki, the way you move me, 4,4k (ongoing), pg-13, Fake dating!AU. Kuroo's ex wants to crash at his apartment for a week, which is okay with him. Kuroo's ex also wants to hook up again, which is not so okay with him. No matter how Kuroo looks at it, his roommate is the answer to all his problems.
ushioi, always all of you, pg-13, 2k, Oikawa has a boyfriend. He just hasn't gotten round to telling anyone
kurotsuki, not exactly white day material, 2.5k, pg-13, someone leaves a White Day gift for Kei at the coffee shop where he works and he doesn't know what to make of it

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